Welcome to Sokhanya

Wamkelekile kuSokhanya

Sokhanya is an independent and interdenominational      USokhanya usisikolo esimeleyo esifundisa abakhokeli 
Bible School that offers basic Bible training to leaders of       
namalungu eenkonzo
zonke zesiXhosa

all levels and members of Xhosa speaking churches in          zaseMzantsi-Afrika ngeBhayibhile

South Africa

Sokhanya offers:
  • A three year Ministerial Certificate for leaders who are recognized as Ministers / Pastors up to Arch-Bishop and founder of all denominations.
  • A two year Biblical Studies Certificate for persons below the level of Minister.
  • Contact classes in four venues in different townships of the Cape Peninsula
  • Correspondence courses for persons all over South Africa

All teaching is done in Xhosa

USokhanya ufundisa ngesiXhosa sodwa

No distinction is made between men and women.

USokhanya ufundisa iBhayibhile yodwa; akaniki imfundiso yenkonzo ethile.

Level of teaching is on ABET level

Sokhanya is a registered NPO and NGO

NPO:   054-601           PBO 18/11/13/1979